Aftercare center

Mission of the program

The mission of the Aftercare Center is to help and support former users of addictive substances after a treatment in self-reliance, responsibility, abstinence, and return to life in society. To reach the goal is used counseling, individual, group and family therapy and socio-therapeutic activities.

The social service is realized based on an authorization pursuant to Act No. 108/2006 Coll., about social services, valid since 1 January 2007 (registered social service)

The list of basic activities is laid down in Act No. 108/2006 Coll., about social services, valid since 1 January 2007, the content is stated in Decree No. 505/2006 Coll., Part Two.

The service is governed by the Quality Standards of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination. In 2005, the service got the GCDPC Certificate of Professional Competence.

Policy of service providing

  • volunteering - The user of the service decides for the provided services voluntarily
  • equal access - services are provided regardless of gender, race, education, political or other opinion, religion, legal or social status, nationality or ethnic minority, mental or physical condition
  • proactivity - staff are keen to ensure that clients and in treatment programs and their relatives have an awareness and up-to-date information about the provided services
  • secrecy and confidentiality - the protection of personal and sensitive users' data is maintained, workers protect the user's right of privacy and the confidentiality of his / her communication
  • Individual approach - workers take into account the current life situation of the service user and his / her individual needs
  • expertise - services are provided by workers with appropriate education and experience

Target group

  • the target group of Aftercare center consists of men and women aged 18-64 who have undergone addiction treatment (illegal substances, alcohol, pathological gambling) abstaining at least for three months and are motivated to future life without addictive substances. Services are also provided to parents with child/children. We also offer services to family members, partners or other close people.

Age category of clients

  • adolescents (18 years) young adults (19-26 years) adults (27-64 years)

Goals of the program

  • Goal 1: Stabilize the client's social situation (education, employment, financial commitments).
  • Goal 2: Stabilization of the psychic and somatic state of the client.
  • Goal 3: Support of client social ties.
  • Goal 4: Stabilization in abstinence and relapse handeling.
  • Goal 5: Awareness of responsibility and its application in client's life, not only for the duration of the program but also after.

Team of aftercare center

Leader of the service

Mgr. Ondřej Ostrovský

Phone: +420 731 656 023

Coordinator of the serivce

Soňa Černá, DiS.

Phone: +420 777 570 658

Therapists: Mgr. Petra Trpáková
Mgr. Kateřina Jeníková
Social worker: Veronika Kuhnová, DiS.
Animator of Leisure Activities: Jan Růžička
Supervisor: MUDr. Stanislav Kudrle

The after-care center is located at:
Sušická 75, Plzeň (Božkov)

The presence of stuff

Pondělí: 8-12 13-18
Úterý: 8-12 13-16
Středa: 8-12 13-18
Čtvrtek: 8-12

In case of absence of staff at these times, we are out of the aftercare center due to serious reasons. In these case, please, use the phone contacts mentioned above. Thank you for your understanding.

Consultations can be individually negotiated beyond the specified times.

Service applicant

In this section you will learn everything we suppose you might be interested in.

The document "Service Applicant Guide" contains a short presentation of the organization, service and target group, an overview of the services (including their frequency), the principles we follow in the aftercare center, prerequisites for acceptance, a brief description of the stay (including the "pricelist") and the outpatient program (this program is a free of charge) and the possibilities of their termination. In the end, you will learn how to proceed if you are interested in using our services.

We recommend a detailed reading of this document, but if you already know that you are interested in our services, please send us a "Request for Acceptance" along with a CV and a covering letter. Upon receipt of the request, we will respond to you. If there is a vacancy, we will talk about the date of the interview (it will decide on your possible admission). If you are eligible for admission (see manual), there is nothing to worry about.

Service Applicant Guide

Request for Acceptance